Game Carnival Ducks online

Game Carnival Ducks

Game Carnival Ducks online.

A circus came to you and arranged your tent in the wasteland. Before the presentation you are invited to relax and participate in various fun contests. In the game Carnival Ducks, we choose a shooting gallery, I really want to prove myself in the marksmanship. The curtain opens and you see a disturbing blue sea, and along it float colorful ducks, emerging quaint fish. These are your targets. Shoot on ducks and fish, floating and emerging. If you see a small white paper on the target, do not touch the duck, she wants to be friends with you and does not wait for the grains in the side. The time for shooting is strictly limited, the temporary jackal is located in the upper left corner. When the scale indicators begin to come to an end, you will hear the loud ticking of the watch.

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