Game Halloween Endless Slicer online

Game Halloween Endless Slicer

Game Halloween Endless Slicer online.

In one of the cemeteries, after the dark magic ritual, the dead rebelled and turned into zombies. As well as other monsters appeared. Your hero, the local mayor asked to deal with this problem and if you want to completely destroy all the monsters. You in the game Halloween Endless Slicer will do it. Before us, the part of the cemetery will be visible and from all sides various monsters will come out to the gate. You need to see them just to navigate the screen with your mouse and you will see how the monster bursts. So you will destroy them. But be careful, some of them can throw bombs and other dangerous objects at you. And if you do not have time to cut them, you will get damage and your character will die. That is, you will need to start the passage again.

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