Game Shoot N Scroll 3D online

Game Shoot N Scroll 3D

Game Shoot N Scroll 3D online.

In the army of many countries in the world there is a unit where helicopters are serving. These people fly by helicopters and perform various types of combat missions. Today, in the game Shoot N Scroll 3D, we will try ourselves as a helicopter pilot. Sitting in the cockpit of the pilot, you will go up to the sky and lie down on the course. Your task is to break through the enemy's defensive system and strike at the military base. You will be intercepted by planes and enemy helicopters that you will need to shoot down. You have rockets and machine guns for this, so just make sure to fire them. You will be shot in response so that maneuver that would not have got into you. Remember that from the ground can fire cannons of air defense them you can destroy using bombs.

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