Game Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters online

Game Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters

Game Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters online.

The company of the guys decided to have fun, they gathered in a pub and got a lot of intoxicating beverages. The guys turned out to be hot and a small quarrel turned into a grand brawl. Guys own martial arts, but after a huge amount of alcohol drunk skill has evaporated, there were incorrect movements of drunken men. You can have fun in the game Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters, choosing yourself a hero and trying to manage his unstable body and unbalanced movements. It's good that his friends are as clumsy. Still, try to get your hero less bruises and bruises, if you see a highlighted piece of furniture or a bit, grab it, it will come in handy to repulse a strong blow of the opponent.

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