Game Sift with Shorty X-Mess online

Game Sift with Shorty X-Mess

Game Sift with Shorty X-Mess online.

Shorty returns to the team of bounty hunters. The girl is delighted with the successes of Winnie, his results are impressive, and the fighting beauty wants to reach the level of the master. To be returned to the group again, the sniper must prove that her skills and abilities are no worse than the previous one. Help the heroine fulfill several missions with completely different conditions and tasks. I will have to work not only as a sniper, but also literally fend off an entire army of mercenaries. Vinnie wants her friend to quickly return to her former form and become a full member of the team. To bring in the game Sift with Shorty X-Mess spirit of Christmas, dress up the heroine respectively.