Game Royal City Clashers 3 online

Game Royal City Clashers 3

Game Royal City Clashers 3 online.

The royal city did not live long in peace and tranquility, after very recent riots, very little time passed, as a new misfortune appeared - alien guests. The Earth was spotted by space invaders, they fly through galaxies to plunder, destroy and devastate the planets. A small land accidentally caught them on the way and they decided to look briefly. The evil aliens did not count on resistance and landed right in the middle of the city streets. They thought that people would run away from fear. So it happened, but there were three heroes left - Billy, Urey and Max. They decided to fight to the end and you will help them in the game Royal City Clashers 3. Attract a friend if you are not sure that you will cope alone.

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