Game Spongebob Krabby Patty Crisis online

Game Spongebob Krabby Patty Crisis

Game Spongebob Krabby Patty Crisis online.

In the cafe Krusty Kraba party was held, almost all the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom came. At first everything went well, Sponge Bob made a bunch of crabsburgers and did not have time to bring. But when it was time to close the institution, the guests categorically did not want to leave it. They seemed to have gone mad, started to riot, scatter chairs. Turn tables around. Bob had to take a blank defense in order to fight off attacks. In addition to sandwiches, he has no other weapon, so he will throw them, and you will help the hero to do it more precisely. Move with the arrows, and by tapping the mouse, toss the food so she gets into a rowdy at Spongebob Krabby Patty Crisis and gets her to work on the mind.

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