Game The Mysterious Island 49 online

Game The Mysterious Island 49

Game The Mysterious Island 49 online.

Sea voyages sometimes end unexpectedly, it is difficult to predict how the ocean will behave. Our hero in the game The Mysterious Island 49 went on a voyage when the sun was shining in the sun and the weather was fine. They sailed for a long time, enjoying the sea breeze, but unexpectedly the sky was covered by black clouds and a strong wind blew. The high waves turned the ship over and the traveler was in the water, given to the will of the waves. He threw it all night, and in the morning it was driven to an unknown island. The poor man went out on land, staggering with fatigue, but there was no time for rest. You need to explore the island, find food, and most importantly - how to get out of here.

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