Game Digby and Fizzi Puzzle online

Game Digby and Fizzi Puzzle

Game Digby and Fizzi Puzzle online.

The young dragon Digby green both outside and inside, that is, he is still very small and can not even fly. Therefore, most of the time he spends on the ground with friends. The best and true friend is Fizzy. She is a fairy pink fairy, a bit wild, but attractive. In the country Applecross Wood, fantastical beings and perfectly normal, like squirrels, badgers live peacefully. The dragon is friends with everyone, only the mud monster Muddles does not want to see anyone, he prefers to sit in the swamp and frighten everyone who wants to sit on the beach. In the game Digby and Fizzi Puzzle you will get to know the fairy more closely, and at the same time add a picture of her and the dragon.