Game Angry Birds seasons online

Game Angry Birds seasons

Game Angry Birds seasons online.

If you are not playing a game with angry birds, this does not mean that they do not live their own lives. It goes on as usual, and if you are interested in looking in and find out what they are doing there and how the green pigs are doing, go to the Angry Birds seasons game. Here are collected pictures with plots from the life of birds and in particular your favorite characters: Red, three twins: Jim, Jay and Jake, funny Bubbles with blue plumage, stern Terence, cheerful and sometimes aggressive Bomb, impetuous Chuck, good-natured Matilda. You will see the very heat of the battle with the pigs, how Red is rapidly breaking through the defense, and the enemies are scattering in different directions. All collected pictures are puzzles. For you to be able to see the image in full size, you need to assemble it from pieces. There are three sets of fragments for your choice.

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