Game Dragon's Apprentice online

Game Dragon's Apprentice

Game Dragon's Apprentice online.

The young dragon student must save the native land of Avon from the invasion of evil forces. His wise mentor gave him the last instructions and the guy went to the temple, where all evil spirits were concentrated. We need to destroy it right there within the walls of the temple so that it does not spread throughout the kingdom. Help the hero, as soon as he enters the first hall, a huge block with glowing runes will block his way. You won't be able to move it manually, you need to use special magic. To do this, press the H key and you seem to rise above all the halls and see what and who is where, in each room there is a similar block. This means that you can move with their help. But be careful, there may be a demon near the stone, get ready for a fierce fight. If there is an opportunity to be transported to a safer place, try it, but you still have to fight, you cannot agree with evil in Dragon's Apprentice.

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