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Tennis game - the game of kings and presidents. Choose the field and compete against the computer or another player. Reflect attack and conquer. Playing tennis is very beautiful and dynamic.

More recently, the name of Andre Agassi Tennis induce the horror, but the young players wanted to become like him. Now very different heroes. Fans of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer did not have time to recover, as their idols gradually ceased completely rule on tennis Olympus. This game is so dynamic that great players are those who hold in the top as long as possible. It is not enough to win a tournament. Winners thousand legends - one. This is not surprising, because the tennis game is hard. It would seem that complicated about fighting off the ball racket? Uninitiated people think football or athletics much harder. But they are wrong. Tennis belongs to the category of sports with a mixed load as biathlon. After all, the player needs to be developed harmoniously. Without stamina and strong legs can not run for three hours (and the length of the match depends on the persistence and strength of the opponent, so that in the battle of equal winner can be determined, and 5 hours) in a row. Add to this more dynamic - instant acceleration and stops, sharp turns. Arms - another important element of the game. After all, the ball just seems easy. Overclocked blow opponents up to speed of 60 kilometers per hour, it can become a "heavy" and "hard" subject, which is not easy to fight off. Therefore, with weak hands in tennis is nothing. In addition, tennis and more sports mad. After calculate moves opponent, choose the right pitch, hit the ball in an unusual way - all this requires not only intellectual challenge, but also a strong concentration. So this game at the professional level gathers the best athletes and intellectuals of the world of sports. But for ordinary people, it can be a very useful exercise for strengthening the entire body. That's just not the coach and should not try, because the load is so unconventional that you can easily get hurt. In addition, the court often hire "bite" in terms of price. Obviously, few risk start playing this sport. At least in real life. But in virtual reality tennis is popular. Many specifically look for tennis games in order to have at least on your computer screen to go to your favorite tennis shoes, to win the tournament and enjoy the rays of glory. But the play tennis attracts not only that. It can be also an excellent taymkillerom. Online is full of simple and addictive tennis stimulants. Many of them can be found right here. Enjoy the game in virtual reality!

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