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Games will be the largest meeting any girls. And playing games dating Stella can learn how to pick outfit for a first date.

Staying at the tender age of children, girls find their ideal object and try to be like him. It's not just a movie character, but also dolls, princesses or mythical creatures - fairies. Girls learn their appearance and compare it with that so enjoy and, of course, to see the difference. They think if they had a smaller waist, eyes and lips more, and lighter hair, all the boys immediately fall in love with them. But imagine that all the girls at once an opportunity to fulfill this desire and they turned into clones! When surrounded by many of the same individuals, it becomes boring, insipid, uninteresting. Competition would disappear, and behind her, and delight in the eyes of the opposite sex. It lies in the personality and attention just to you, but not to the invented image, but the real beauty comes from within. If you think you're a beautiful, then so will others think, and you can adjust the parameters shape and exercise. With hair even easier - to grow them to the desired length and placed so as you like. And in order to prepare yourself for future encounters with the boys, play games a date with one of the fairies Winx Club - Stella. It will teach you uncomplicated rules as always stay cute and modern. Surely this beauty and you liked, because it really recognized excellence. But not a slim figure or golden hair makes her so seductive, and a positive attitude and the ability to change. Game date Stella shows how to use some of the women's tricks and stuff completely transformed. In the right corner of the screen for you to open wardrobe of clothes, shoes and jewelry, as well as a hairdresser and solarium in one place. Each icon - this is a separate topic, which stores all necessary. Clicking on the hairstyle, you will see many options pilings, and to apply any of them, click on it in italics and mouse, hold and drag on the head of Stella. Next, choose items of clothing, shoes and accessories to re-drag them to the fairy. Proceed then to those until it is completely finished appearance. At the end, select a beautiful pair of wings and see how they are waving our heroine. Playing games Winx date, you can create a variety of images for her. Think of a situation where the meeting will be held with the boy and proceed to the transformation. Each dress should match the decor, as is a little strange, if you visit the theater with crimson vsklochennymi hair glowing ultramarine shirt and screaming makeup. But like in a disco outfit nobody is shocked, because this is a place where everyone is free to express themselves. Games Winx Stella date will be your training ground, where you can experiment with your appearance, to invent the most incredible costume elements tandems. Suddenly outfit may surprise and become a prototype of your new style. Become a trendsetter of new fashion: why not? All action games free dating and just happen to change the piece of clothing, enough to choose from a collection of new and move on Stella. When this thing just replaced the old new thing. Safely proceed to the fun and let your imagination play images, colors and shapes. Come up with an original composition in the clothes and give the girl Stella surprise your boyfriend.

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