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Playing games for girls Winx Enchantix, you will learn about the magic of fairies to help them transform. Winx Games Winx Enchantix - is dress, coloring books and more.

Popularity of the format very often pushes manufacturers make similar products at its base. In most cases they can not find the "secret ingredient" that makes the original unique. A striking example of such a case is the animated series Winx. Anyone who has ever seen the anime, leaked to television in the 90's, from the first seconds of viewing Winx will say that this is a European variation on the classic shoujo anime - anime girls. Despite the fact that the attempt of Spaniards out quite successful and the first year breaking records for ratings, fans of this anime is frowning at the sight of this cartoon. And in fact, in the Winx lost many important, fundamental principles of Japanese genre. First, not enough attention is paid to the artists eyes. But this is perhaps the most important feature of the anime! Second, the Spaniards failed to organically combine the tradition of a little rough European cartoon-style with dynamic features anime. That is, their character and not accurate, almost photographic beauty, but for the cartoon chibi - grotesquely reduced anime characters - Winx little bit too realistic. Moreover, the authors were unable to catch the delicious colors of Japanese animation. Still, this does not compete with the Japanese is. Yes, and very obvious mistake with the target audience. Excessive sexuality hints at some moments shoujo audience - 14-18 years, but the actual viewer of the cartoon was significantly younger. On the way out we got vague cross between anime and European cartoon. But how is it a shot! Winx popularity is through the roof. All errors are the authors of their triumph. Very very crude colors clearly echoed in the eyes of children emerging, angular elements of European style undermined the Japanese sexuality, story, full of goodness, riveted to the TV series of impressionable children, and focus on the clothes and appearance of characters to maximize the audience. Following the theme of the popular series has taken the gaming industry. Beliviks Winx, Winx Enchantix game rain fell on the audience. Each plot device immediately responded in the gaming industry. Thus was formed a very strong brand, in which producers, including games, earn a lot. But, to the credit of the fans, free food is also sufficient. Among them are many games in the genre odevalok. And the ones you can see on our web site Try to play games online Winx Enchantix to understand at least for myself, so attractive than the mysterious world of animated fairies.

Online Games:

Online Games:

Winx Enchantix game for free. Enchantix Winx Games Online

Try to build a dollhouse conveniently arrange the furniture in the room, get out of the trap to defeat the villain, and still remain elegant, attractive. You succeed, if you opened Game Winx enchantix online for free. In a sea of ​​proposals there will always a favorite topic in which you can play forever. Communication with fairies, these mysterious babes, always a joy. Together with them, you go on a date, learn how to cook delicious, doing manicures and hairstyles. And when there is a danger you will easily repel the monsters.

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