Game iPlayer: Total Domination online

Game iPlayer: Total Domination

Game iPlayer: Total Domination online.

Game Rules of War. Nuclear strategy is to send the player to a whole new world, it is called Earth Zero. third millennium technology to send humans into deep space, they conquered other planets, but disaster struck. The remains of the human race settled under the cocoon, but this place and saving trap and survive at the same time. Freaking out artificial intelligence with the beautiful name of Morgan changed their own settings and instead of defending humanity decided to destroy it. The fictional world of Total Domination future undergone many troubles, nuclear disaster, epidemics and bloody and ruthless civil war. In the last sections of habitable turned real battles for control of the radiators, in their last hope for survival. Play the game War Rules. Nuclear strategy is necessary, having collected will in a fist, a limited number of resources, and all who are more or less able to fight are fighting for control over them. Morgan does not get tired to create and send a dangerous creatures to crack down on the remnants of the human species, and Heath swarming mutants and marauders. iPlayer War Rules. Nuclear strategy is rather well developed military strategy, there is the power of the army and strong defense are the ways of survival, but all units need the resources, the main three - loans titanites and uranium. They may be produced, but far to the development of one will not leave or take away, here you will need an army, and having caught under the control of one of the mines will still trade surplus. Send in the world Earth zero and try to become the conqueror of the Wasteland player can leave if their data, this can be your email address and password, and may be information from an account in one of the social networks, as in the game of War rules. The nuclear strategy registration mandatory procedure. For the first time hitting the ground, covered by a war the player will get time to get accustomed, for three days, he will do much to establish production, build the necessary facilities and take up defensive positions, because at the expiration of this period, all those who so wish can pay a visit to visit a the purpose of easy cash. The Rules of War. Nuclear strategy is to play alone is not necessarily, you can always join the clan with new friends, and to increase the defense capability of the joint attack, the company a chance to win a lot more.

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