Game Bartender make right mix online

Game Bartender make right mix

Game Bartender make right mix online.

Welcome to our virtual bar, you can easily find it in a bright sign Bartender make right mix. It offers drinks and cocktails for every taste, shelves crammed with places of alcoholic and soft drinks, bottles with colorful labels are orderly and want to try the whole range. You are not limited in the media, so poke a finger in any bottle and the friendly barman Miguel immediately prepare you a drink, mixing or whipping as much as you want. As long as you choose the ingredients of the cocktail, we will tell you a bit about the history of the bartender profession. She appeared in the days of the gold rush in America, when one of the enterprising owners of the store decided to block the sales area by a partition, which later became the bar, and began to sell alcoholic beverages. Cocktail, as well as drink - American know-how. The first book appeared in 1862, the mixing recipes and the game Bartender make right mix you can invent your own drinks, experimenting with the ingredients adding ice and fruit. Do not worry, you will not have to try each invention, for you it will make Miguel, he is indifferent to drink and can drink a lot without getting drunk. Do not be surprised if after your invention at the poor man fall off his mustache and his eyes come out on his forehead, then you have turned explosive mix or too toxic. Experiment and enjoy the reaction of a character each time it will be different, but always funny, you will laugh heartily at the bar. Pity the poor and cook something really worthwhile and not a mixture for cleaning toilets. Game Bartender make right mix for those who likes to create stories, not to wander, following a finished story. In order to produce the necessary actions, press first on selected bottles, and then on the red button located on the horizontal bar at the bottom. Designation of buttons from right to left: pour the drink in a shaker, shake (the duration depends on you), ready-mix is poured into a glass. When filling the measuring cup shaker appears at the bottom, so you can see the size of parts, pours liquid. Good luck in the super cocktails.

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