Game Tap the Frog Doodle online

Game Tap the Frog Doodle

Game Tap the Frog Doodle online.

It is surprising that a frog can become a favorite hero. After all, it seems like such a nasty, cold and slippery. But if you have seen the usual frog in the pond. But these frogs are so cute and funny. And they can be fun. The game Tap The Frog Doodle awaits you 88 small games with frogs. They are of different colors, which of course does not happen in life. But with them you and you train memory and remember the simple score and improve your reflexes. How you can use this funny frog train your reaction, you will know in the first level of the game and play with the frog. You need to click on it, at the moment when your character will be a green blue. This game lasts only a few seconds and it is important to be prepared for any to click on a frog. If you do this level seemed easy, then move on. There you are waiting for a fascinating job. You already see two frogs, which must be pressed for 5 times, and in any case no longer. Sixth press will lead you to the loss. In the realm of frogs even has its own currency - the gold coins. They can be obtained for the earned stars. And here is the most interesting. How to get the maximum number of stars? To do this, you must do one job a frog in just a second. If hesitated a little, you get a four-star or even less. Therefore it is necessary to sit in suspense at every level, to immediately execute. And you have an incentive to rush to deliver new records that exist at every level. Do you have a question, what to do with varbaksami? Our cutie frog loves to dress up, so shop for it will be a lot of new odezhek and decorations, and even a few frogsikov can change the color of the frog. So spend this currency in the kingdom of frogs there somewhere, just have time to make them. You do not believe that the frogs go to the store, did not believe it and that it has its own mobile phone number. And it you have to type in the speed to save money on new clothes for ladies. Discover new levels of entertaining, as each original and lovers of fast and active games.

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