Game Zombie Days online

Game Zombie Days

Game Zombie Days online.

Such extreme rest did not know anybody, and you dropped it in Zombie Days. Everything happened in the summer when you went on a visit to Grandma and Granddaddy to the farm. Shortly after that the city has begun a zombie epidemic and peaceful citizens have turned into bloodthirsty monsters. They gnawed all living making them dead, and they came to life and began to wander in search of fresh brains. Soon the ghouls and there in the countryside, and when dusk was attacked on your farm. Crowds of monsters with glowing eyes occur and your only chance to escape - is to run and quickly. In the gathering darkness covered the land of fog, which greatly worsened visibility, and you have to run through the woods and cornfield, not run into the fence of barbed wire. Well that zombies can be seen perfectly, thanks to the brilliance of the sinister eyes. You will need a good reaction in Zombie Days, to avoid the deadly bites. Use the arrows left / right, adjust the direction of motion, if on the way to meet the drawer, grab it, there might be a weapon. Military aircraft dropped them to somehow support the people and give them an opportunity to defend himself and his family from the invasion of zombies. The gun will allow you to destroy the monsters, from which you do not have time to dodge and accomplish the mission. For the successful execution of the task, you get the coins, the number of coins is calculated in proportion to the distance traveled. Money is needed to buy a variety of improvements and bonuses that will help to overcome long distances faster, more agile dodge zombies. Online game Zombie Days suitable for playback on any mobile device, you can open it on their smartphone or tablet at any convenient location or sit at a desktop computer at home. If you are not afraid of the dark and terrible zombie, go to a deadly run over rough terrain, to cut off the path of the hungry dead.

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