Game Cars Traffic Control online

Game Cars Traffic Control

Game Cars Traffic Control online.

Car accidents often occur at intersections, but they can be easily avoided if someone would follow the traffic lights, in the game Cars Traffic Control. Stand on this dangerous intersection to pass the car in turn. You will have to closely monitor the speed of vehicles, so that they have time to cross the road. Then it will be possible to avoid the serious consequences of accidents. Every driver wants to have time to pass first, because of this, and obtained a collision. But with the control in your face or a pair of cars will not be able to face. Switched off and the green light on traffic lights when required. You will have four traffic lights, the number of roads. Play in the management of road traffic vehicles will be able to speed lovers and those who care for the compliance with the rules. That game was not meaningless, it included several conditions. You need to fill in the indicator in front of the red wheelbarrow, which will grow with the number of vehicles crossing the intersection. But also do not forget about the second indicator - time. It will decrease the contrary. You need to have time to fill in the first, while the second has not expired. Then you can go to another level. The game management road cars motion you will see that none of the drivers do not want to give way to a colleague. In real life, they would be fined for the creation of an emergency, but the game on your mobile phone simply lead to the end of a loss level. Therefore, you definitely need to keep track of them. Before each car that wants to drive not once plug the red light, and if the empty road - then light the green.

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