Game Sky Chasers online

Game Sky Chasers

Game Sky Chasers online.

The game Sky Chasers you, thanks to the inventive character, turn into the air and begin to hunt the hunter on the gold coins and precious crystals. Treasures found in tunnels, where unsafe to walk, the only way to move - flight. Hero - a talented mechanic, from scrap materials - cardboard box and a set of irons, he built the original jet transport. On the left and right sides of the box placed rocket fuel charged. Click on the arrow to the right / left, you can adjust the direction of flight, and it will be determined in places where there are large deposits of gold and sparkling stones. Fly to where the greatest concentration of jewelery to quickly collect the maximum amount. This is important because the level is limited. To free up capacity on the heavy gold, landed in Sky Chasers on specific platforms, they become a kind of pit stops, from which you will start again, if you do not have time to time to collect the required amount of money or lose energy. Corridors can be dangerous, because inhabited by flying predators that take not only energy, but also coins in a collision with them. Also beware of carnivorous vines, hung on the walls of the tunnels, their venomous spines and it is not the whole list of threats that await pilots during flight. If successful, the passage and a sufficient amount of accumulated coins, you can buy a brand-new aircraft, modern, powerful and more convenient to maneuver through the narrow corridors. Boys enjoy the game Sky Chasers, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate the agility, the ability to move away from danger and not with empty hands. Online game created on html5 language will allow you to use to play their mobile devices: tablets, smartphones, and play not only in the home or office environment, but even on the street and in public transport during the trip. Treat yourself merry adventures, lost on time in a virtual world with enormous potential.

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