Game Crazy Jump online

Game Crazy Jump

Game Crazy Jump online.

Today we will look at a new interesting game Crazy Jump. It writers sent us an interesting fairy-tale world populated by funny creatures very similar to the squares. Only two races living in this world - the green and red squares. Green differ peaceful and kindness, but the red is very angry and aggressive. As the Indians stole from the green one of the artifacts which put a force field, not giving them closer to the green peaceful city. On the advice of the elders of our protagonist was poisoned to steal it. Once you get into the city, he found the evil creatures in the tower which was stored artifact. And now he needs to get to the top without going through all the security posts. We are with you will help him in this. Clicking the mouse we will make our hero to jump to the top of the ravines, on the side on which it will jump depends on the right or left click on the character. But not all so simple. Passages patrol red creatures and you need not be a hero fell into their hands. After all, if it happens that our hero will die and you will lose the round. So the well-being and success of your character depends on your care and dexterity. Game Crazy Jump quite interesting and attract the attention of players of any gender because of its lively atmosphere. All players opening the Crazy Jump on our website with pleasure and fun to spend time helping our hero in his adventures.

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