Game Catch The Monster online

Game Catch The Monster

Game Catch The Monster online.

Ocean - how many interesting and mysterious is hidden in the depths of the sea. Many peoples of the world, there are many legends about the different sea monsters that live under water. And if there are monsters, that is, and the characters that they are hunted. Today, the game Catch The Monster we are acquainted with a guy Pete. He lives in our modern world, and from childhood was fond of the legends of sea monsters. When he grew older it became the captain of the ship and how he decided to embark on an adventure. After he heard about that in one of the creeks near the small island seen incomprehensible beings. Sailed to the island of our heroes decided to try to catch not many data samples beings. You and I can help him in this fishing. Above we see the anchor by means of which fishing will occur. Down in the depths of the sea will float a variety of sea creatures. As you will see will be the anchor to swing like a pendulum. You need to calculate the trajectory of motion of the armature and the monster to click on the screen. Then the anchor goes down and if you did everything correctly, you will capture the monster and pull up. So you will catch monsters and gain points
Game Catch The Monster has an interesting story and we are sure that you will spend fun time playing it. You can also arrange a kind of competition one more words monsters. Simply invite your friends to play it with you. Open Catch The Monster on our website and show everyone that you are the best catcher of sea monsters.

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