Game Mighty Motors online

Game Mighty Motors

Game Mighty Motors online.

When night falls on the city streets are lit lights, the city is immersed in the silence, the streets are empty and most people go to bed. At this time, the hour when all lovers of powerful cars derive their cars on the street and go to certain places. It is in this later time racing fans will be able to easily compete with each other in the machinery driving skill. We are with you in the game Mighty Motors will take part in these races. Arriving at the place fixed you output your car at the start. In the race involved two people - you and your opponent. The task to come to the finish line first. To do this you need to quickly accelerate your car to a maximum speed and get ahead. At the start, you will see a traffic light that measures the time until the start of the race and gives a signal when you can start. Below you will see a rev counter and gear shift knob. Once you startonete, then carefully look at it and as soon as the arrow reaches the green mark to switch the speed. So you will gain speed and if you switch the speed properly, it will break forward and win the race. Mighty Motors The game is designed primarily for boys, because they differ a great interest and love for cars. So open the Mighty Motors on our website and chase opponents compete who is more powerful car.

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