Game Myths & Heroes online

Game Myths & Heroes

Game Myths & Heroes online.

Today we want to introduce you to the game Myths & Heroes. Originally, this game was designed for video game consoles, but due to its popularity, developers rewrote it using HTML5 technology, giving you the ability to play it on any modern device. In the game we fast forward to you in the days of which in the history of the earth composed of myths and legends. In those days, on the ground there are many heroes who fought a relentless war against various monsters. Today we will help one of these characters in its fight against various monsters. Our hero arrives in a forest in which their weight and run on the road. On his way will be various kinds of monsters. Our hero immediately raids on them will join the battle. You will click on the screen and our hero will strike the monster dropping his life scale. Once it is reset from the monster will drop a coin. It will give you points and power-ups that you can use later. At the end of each level you will have to wait for a super bare. That with them you will have to tinker for very long, but we are sure that you will cope with the task and pass all locations. Myths & Heroes game is quite fascinating and well-thought-out plot. Opening Myths & Heroes on our website you will be happy to spend their time fighting the myths and legends of monsters.

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