Game Masha And The Bear Surgery online

Game Masha And The Bear Surgery

Game Masha And The Bear Surgery online.

pranks are milking machines normally bears painless except for a few bruises or abrasions, but today Masha And The Bear Surgery girl and tried to make a real Katavasov. Not only did she put in the house of defeat, not to see an angry bear, fidget climbed the highest tree, and could not get off. Bruin has got to get dry branch broke off and crashed down the poor fellow. After such a fall even bear became ill, he slёg in bed and looks completely broken. Masha was seriously scared, but soon with her characteristic energy has developed a storm of activity. She quickly ran for the hut and found a variety of drugs, ran to the wolves in the ambulance and took all the medical instruments. That's just what to do with them, the baby does not know. Come to the game Masha And The Bear Surgery and take matters into their own hands, or bear not big trouble. You have to use all that is in store girl and place the application of ointments, injections, patches overlay will be marked with yellow circles. Be sure to take an x-ray on the fracture and crack bandage. Bear will be as good as new again, but Maria is now think a hundred times before to arrange another prank.

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