Game The Way to Valhalla online

Game The Way to Valhalla

Game The Way to Valhalla online.

The dragon attacked the native village of the Viking, and our hero was just about to go on a campaign for his exploits in Valhalla. null Not judged, the opportunity to become famous appeared right next to the house. null A huge monster with a lot of heads has already got to the village outskirts, it's time to deal with the impudent monster and show who is the master in the house. null The hero has already chosen a comfortable position and is ready to cut the neck of the dragon, but one should be wary of toothy heads, they can bite. null Move the character left and right, depending on the circumstances, so as not to please the monster's mouth. null In the game The Way to Valhalla, you will need dexterity and quick reaction so that the Viking defeats the dragon. null

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