Game Rise of the Zombies online

Game Rise of the Zombies

Game Rise of the Zombies online.

One of the towns in the state of Texas was attacked by the living dead. Where they came from was a mystery, but the fact that this crowd of dead dead completely destroyed almost all the locals and captured the city remains a fact. Your character is one of the survivors of this massacre and now he needs to get out of the city to tell the authorities about the catastrophe that happened. You in the game Rise of the Zombies will help him in this. At the beginning of the game you will be given a standard set of weapons and grenades. You have to go through the streets of the city and if you meet a zombie then immediately from a distance try to kill them. Do not let him approach you otherwise it will end sadly and you will simply be torn to pieces. Collect items that will fall out of monsters, they will help you with the passage of the game.

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