Game Chhota Bheem Football Bouncer online

Game Chhota Bheem Football Bouncer

Game Chhota Bheem Football Bouncer online.

It's time to remember our old familiar - Indian boy Chota Bhim in the game Chhota Bheem Football Bouncer. While you did not see him, the guy diligently engaged in different kinds of sports. Today you will help the hero to conduct training with a football. Soon in his native village there will be several football matches and Chota does not want to lead the team with poor preparation. The boy intends to be a football master, who knows how to master the ball masterly. To do this, there is a simple set of training: holding the ball in the air, constantly beating it with his foot. Try to score a maximum of points, at first it will be quite difficult, but then there is a repetition. Do not give up and you will succeed.

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