Game Forgotten Dungeon online

Game Forgotten Dungeon

Game Forgotten Dungeon online.

The world of magic and heroes awaits you in the game Forgotten Dungeon. After choosing a hero: archer, wizard or warrior, you will find yourself in the middle of the desert in a small oasis. Take advantage of this and talk to the wise ancient sorcerer, if you decide to follow in the footsteps of magic, if you choose ordinary people, look in the shop, there may be a lot of useful: equipment, weapons. The only problem is that the character is as poor as a church mouse. You have to take a chance and go beyond the market. There you will meet the warriors of Anubis, huge scorpions and many more monsters. Battling you will earn experience, coins and get the full right to buy something. Your task - to find a forgotten maze, where the hidden nemerenoe number of treasures.

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