Game Super House of Dead Ninjas online

Game Super House of Dead Ninjas

Game Super House of Dead Ninjas online.

In the old abandoned tower for a long time no one lives, but at night terrible sounds can be heard, and in the narrow windows of the loopholes there are flashes of light. Ninja Lee decided to check out those who settled there without the permission of the mayor's office. But when he crossed the threshold of the building, he seemed to fall into a real hell. On the floors awful monsters roam, in the corners hid ghosts, waving axes. And these are not disembodied spirits, but quite tangible beings, capable of inflicting mortal mutilation with their medieval weapons. The hero was in a real mess, and only you can pull him out of the Super House of Dead Ninjas. You have to check all the rooms and destroy the otherworldly and magical creatures. Use everything that is available in the arsenal of ninja: katanu, surrey, bombs and even magic.

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