Game Fantasy Cats Shooter 3 online

Game Fantasy Cats Shooter 3

Game Fantasy Cats Shooter 3 online.

There were strange and dangerous creatures in the forest - flying cats. They came from the world of chimeras and are going to settle in a magical forest. This is completely unhappy with the local witch, she intends to defend her right to a quiet and peaceful life. But alone can not cope, the cat's army is huge and it is run by the boss. The witch turned to the girlfriends witches and they are ready to help, so you will have a large selection of characters, each sorceress has her own special abilities, study them. When you decide on the choice in Fantasy Cats Shooter 3, the battle will begin and it is expected to be violent from the very beginning. Enemies will launch light balls for a start, and then cats will appear. Use the W or Z key to fire, ahead of the boss battle.

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