Game Chibi Fishers online

Game Chibi Fishers

Game Chibi Fishers online.

Kittens were expelled from the house for having spoiled the home sausage of the owner. Felt around the shelter, they were hungry so much that they decided to try their luck on the river in catching fish. Sitting on the shore of the pond, they are waiting for a wave that will nail as much food to their shore. However, the tide did not happen, so they should come up with a tactical move that will feed them. In the game Chibi Fishers it is necessary to help the cats to get their own food. Click on each of them every time, as soon as a flock of fish begins to pass under the water. Remember that each small fish will bring them fifty satiety points, a large one - a hundred, and a black ramp about two hundred. Do not run into a deep-sea bomb, it instantly makes the cat hungry.

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