Game Jimothy Piggerton online

Game Jimothy Piggerton

Game Jimothy Piggerton online.

If you have a pet, you will perfectly understand the hero of our history Jimothy Piggerton - Dzhimoti. He had a friend - a cute pink piggie, nicknamed Piggerton. They spent time together, enjoying communication, the hero took care of his little friend and tried to protect from dangers. Today the friends, as always, went out for a walk and stopped at a halt, sitting under a sprawling tree. Suddenly the sky was covered by a black cloud, but it turned out to be an incredible crow. She grabbed the pig and took it in an unknown direction. Dzhimoti did not have time to recover, as he was alone, but he did not lose his head, and immediately went on a quest. Help the character find and save a friend.

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