Game World Cup 2018 Erase and Guess online

Game World Cup 2018 Erase and Guess

Game World Cup 2018 Erase and Guess online.

All fans of such sports games like football are happy to watch the World Cup where their favorite teams and players play. Today for such fans here we represent the game World Cup 2018 Erase and Guess. The game takes place in several stages. The task will be given a certain amount of time. At the beginning of the game you will see a square. With the eraser, you have to erase the first layer of paint from it until an image appears. You have to quickly determine what is behind the player. On the right, the answers will be shown and you will have to choose the correct ones. If you have time to do everything correctly, you will get points. If you do not keep within time, you will lose and start the passage again.

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