Game Summoner Saga 1. Misa & Ray online

Game Summoner Saga 1. Misa & Ray

Game Summoner Saga 1. Misa & Ray online.

Meet - is Misa, Ray and cat Leon. Now they will become your friends. Together with them, you are transported into the world of puzzles and mysteries into the world of terrible monsters who prey to attack you, and the world of war and constant battles. Here you have to remember one thing, you can not trust anyone except his friends. Almost everyone you meet will want you dead. Also you should know that in this world you will own magic. Do not forget about it because it is very useful to you at a terrible and brutal fights. If you're ready for that way if you are willing to constantly fearful and dangerous if you do not have enough adrenaline in the blood, then forward to the game. Make life into this terrible world has become calmer. Calm people in your hands Good luck to you.

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