Game Raze. Part 1 online

Game Raze. Part 1

Game Raze. Part 1 online.

The postindustrial world has become a real apocalypse for the average person, fully mechanized our lives, even in its most minute details. In order to survive in this radically placed dimension, people had to quickly adapt to the new conditions of their surroundings. But even now there is a chance for the complete destruction of our race more advanced and equipped with robots, which is already captured almost all the living space, which once used to be the abode of mankind. You - one of the rebels, who all their lives were training for a decisive battle with a formidable opponent in the face of artificial intelligence, and that your time has come - as long as robots are not yet strong and more engaged in the proliferation of their own kind for the remote places of the planet, you'll have to get in the heart of the colony, to spend a total cleansing that will give people a chance to win this last battle for the planet and its right to exist!

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