Winx Enchantix games

Winx Enchantix games

Try to build a dollhouse, convenient to arrange the furniture in the room, out of the traps, defeat the villain, and still remain elegant, attractive. You will succeed if you opened the game Winx Enchantix online for free. The sea offers there is always a favorite topic in which you can play forever. Communication with fairies, these mysterious baby, always a joy. Together with them, you go to a meeting, learn how to cook delicious, do manicures and hairstyles. And when there is a risk, you will easily repel the attack of monsters.

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Winx Enchantix games go to school and learn the lessons are not always interesting. Now, if this was the school of wizards, which is visited by fairy Winx, a different matter! And why do not you join these young Enchantress not pass the additional course in magic and sorcery? New knowledge has not prevented anyone, and who knows, maybe they will help you in your home and the school to become more successful.

acquire skills in school Winx fairies

Winx Enchantix games open the door to all curious, restless dreamer who discovered amazing things. Having a way with the Winx, you learn to be more contemplative, attentive, courageous. Little fairies offer you many ways to go and solve tasks on logic, attention, memory, speed and reaction. Together with them, you budete fight the demons that have settled in the flower of their country and show courage. When a number of such courageous girlfriend as Winx, neither monster is not terrible.

Winx Enchantix games Games Winx attentiveness

Find all the unnecessary details in the picture and help fairies sigh of relief. There is nothing worse than to languish in a cluttered space. Be watchful and find hidden letters, numbers and other excesses. And to help one of the Winx find the lover, find all hearts in the picture. To become a strong memory, it is necessary to exercise. You see the playing field a few rows of pictures that turned you upside down. If you click on any it for a few seconds turns the face, and then hide again. Remember, in which a number it is, and its serial number to that encounter the same, you can easily find the first. When two identical images are opened, they either disappear or remain in the rotated and come out of the game. Once you have found all the pictures, you will be able to go to the next level and continue training. More games Winx Enchantix online is not spared lovers of puzzles. They prepared a great variety to suit different tastes. They consist of classical elements, square or round and the chips have to collect them all together to see what kind of story you want to tell the Winx at this time. Puzzle game similar to tag, but here it is necessary to move the shuffled squares so they took their seats, fold into an illustration.

And the speed with agility

A lover of swimming in the clouds just have to open the game for girls Winx Enchantix, which fairy luxuriate in the soft clouds. To warm up, they sometimes fly, and you with them. But even here the danger lurking in the form of the evil witch in the bubbles. If you touch him, it will break out and attack the little witch, so for them it is better not to approach. But there are helpers who help the fairies to replenish forces – it is good gnomes who also swim in the transparent bubble. Everyone loves to have fun and Winx no exception. They saddled Carpet and arrange a real race. If you're careful and do not bump into reducing rocks, pools, cars and other obstacles, for
  luchite the flight a lot of fun. After such operations hair loses accuracy, and wind weathered face.

Winx Enchantix games And now about fashion

to return to its former luster, go to the game Winx Winx Enchantix, where you will re-stow, carry out a number of necessary manipulations with the person – lotions, cleansing masks, as well as corrected and will make a fresh manicure. And when all the adventures behind, you can show off a little, or rather paint pictures with Winx fairies. Work on such pictures is a pleasure, because every time they seemed to come to life and beckoning to him. There is rampant nature with rainbow colors, and the magic – natural state of its inhabitants.


Enchantix – One of the fairies magical powers. It can be obtained if the sacrifice himself for some of the inhabitants of the country. After this magical fairy gets pollen increases the power of magic and finds new wings, completing the transformation. Pollen helps to remove dark spells.

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