Game Fallen Angel online

Game Fallen Angel

Game Fallen Angel online.

Do not neglect their duties, or find yourself in the same predicament as our colorful character in the game Fallen Angel. He - a small, but very lazy angel in charge of a particular area of ​​work, but the kid decided to abandon the case and review the Disney cartoons, well, who can stand in front of them. He dropped wings and a halo, which is conveniently located in the easy chair and took the hands of a television remote control to enjoy the rest, but the heavy hand of the Archangel is not the poor man dropped his shoulder and took him by the collar and threw it into the pit, leading directly to the gates of hell. As the man remove the wings, the Lord has decided that they do not need it and threw the accident outside the gates of paradise. This is the most severe punishment that could be. Help the little angel, he still has a chance to regain the status of angels, but have to compete for it. Fall Fallen Angel will take place as long as you have the patience and dexterity. Move the heavenly creature that it evaded flying sinners, demons and devils, catch the hearts of life to refill, halos for a while will give character to protect against collisions with unwanted objects. Collect the lights of divine light - it's your points earned. Go through ten levels and may the Lord have mercy on lazy, and will return to him the heavenly attributes. Deftly possession of a mouse will save Angel from the final fall, and you will get your own guardian angel who will owe you their rescued. Fallen Angel - the HTML5 game, which means that you can easily play on any medium, be it a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or netbook. Even the operating system other than Vindovs, does not prevent the reproduction of the game. Colorful and expressive gameplay will delight users and raise the building, in spite of the deplorable situation of the poor angel baby.

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