Game Tomb runner online

Game Tomb runner

Game Tomb runner online.

The Tomb runner game you get to know a treasure hunter. It teeter around the world in search of ancient artifacts and ancient treasures, and recently, he came upon a battered card time, painted on parchment. It tells where to find the famous tomb, according to records in the ancient books there are hidden untold riches, buried along with the little-known governor. Hero happy luck and I went, guided by the signs on the map. The tomb was found and the hunter penetrated into the interior, but accidentally touched a hidden lever, lifting the chest, and the walls began to crumble, and a huge crypt was rapidly go underground. We'll have to forget about the treasures and take away feet while intact. From the tomb leads the only road to a safe place, it is for you, and it will spend the hapless Cryptstalker. The road soon turns into dust, you must run quickly, avoiding dangerous areas, jumping over rocks and squeezing into narrow openings. To move to the Tomb runner game uses the arrow keys or the ones that are drawn at the bottom of the screen. As you progress, try to collect precious stones, at least some benefit from your hero will get a dangerous enterprise, if he manages to escape. Try to shoot as much as possible on to get more points and unlock new characters. Playing Tomb runner, you need a fast response to the ever changing environment and dexterity to overcome the obstacles. Do not miss turns on a narrow stone path is easy to slip and fall down and have to fly for a long time. Play on tablets, mobile phones and smartphones, if you're on the road and you do not have time to sit at home behind a computer. Go to the site and enjoy the adventures online without hovering and the collapse of the offensive on the pixels.

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