Game Gunmach online

Game Gunmach

Game Gunmach online.

It's time to test your mastery of the experimental tank management and this will happen in real combat conditions Gunmach game. By running this application, you find yourself inside the tank, which can be controlled using the WASD keys. For firing, use your mouse, and in particular the left button. Enemies will attack you in waves, gradually pulling the larger units to your destruction. Do not stand on the spot, all's time to move on the court, firing in all directions. Carefully watch the red squares on top, they will show how many enemies currently attacking you. Before each wave you will be given a bonus, rising out of the hatch in the center of the battle. This may be a shield or new weapons. Try to take a bonus as soon as possible in order to resist the enemies more efficiently. And the weapons in the game arrows are mines that you can throw out of his tank. Install them in the most convenient places to enemy tanks exactly have driven them. Collect remaining after the destruction of tanks, money that would be an indicator of passing Gunmach games. We'll have to work pretty well in order to survive on this playing field, where you expect a huge number of enemy tanks, the purpose of which only one - the destruction of your war machine.

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