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Game Blocker

Game Blocker online.

The game Blocker you get into a block Maynkrafta world, but first you need to select your character, which you will present and give it a name. The choice is given a few candidates possess different abilities and skills. You can become a warrior, perfectly recover the sword, ranger deftly able to shoot a bow, his eagle eye. Next in the list of contenders - Warlock, he is fluent in magic spells, but especially it manages to freeze the magic of his enemies, he turns into ice blocks for two seconds, it gives him the opportunity to just get away from the threat. Doctor - another candidate, and do not think that he is helpless and his ability to help heal wounds treat friends and enemies poisoned poisonous tincture. Shinobi - ninja warrior, he throws lightning syurrikeny and owns the ancient martial arts. Game Blocker takde offers character - a born killer, it causes significant damage to his heavy hammer, forcing the enemy immediately lose almost a third of its forces and stand still for a few seconds. Bomber The name speaks for itself, this hero puts rivals explosive unpleasant surprises and can organize global blasts capable of destroying all those who came under the blast wave. Last on the list, but not least - a necromancer. He is able to resurrect the dead, and has a voodoo spell. The choice is not easy, but you do it after weighing all the pros and cons. Then begin your epic journey through the cube world. Win over the allies, help them, and they will help you and together you will quickly deal with enemies. In the store to purchase additional equipment and weapons, new skills to make your character invincible. Blocker - online game where you will have competitors from around the world, so try to win over more allies own side, not to be afraid of what someone might hit in the back. One day, going to the game, you'll be in it for a long time, and if you leave on important matters, can always come back and continue the heroic journey.

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