Game Moana: Kakamora Kaos online

Game Moana: Kakamora Kaos

Game Moana: Kakamora Kaos online.

Today we want to introduce you to a new online game Moana: Kakamora Kaos. It is made based on the new animated film from Disney company"Moana". In it we fast forward to the wonderful and fabulous world of the islands lost somewhere in the ocean. The main characters of the game Pirates shipwrecked on one of the islands of the archipelago. These gay guys than that resemble funny coconuts. Despite their appearance, they are very brave and loves various adventures. As it appeared on the horizon, another ship of pirates and our heroes decided to steal it. Hidden swam to the ship at night they climbed onto his board. Now their goal is to get into the captain's cabin and cockpit control of the ship, which would capture the ship's log, and control of the ship. But their way across the deck will not be so simple. She placed many obstacles and different traps and our heroes need to overcome them all. You can help them in this. Jump, run through, turn aside - generally do everything that it is necessary to overcome the obstacles, and victory will be yours. Remember that you control multiple characters and doing something you carry one of these actions for the rest of the team. Game Moana: Kakamora Kaos quite interesting and could bring an atmosphere of adventure. Opening Moana: Kakamora Kaos on our website you have fun and spend a fun time trying to capture with the help of the ship pirates.

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