Game Highway Chase online

Game Highway Chase

Game Highway Chase online.

Today, the game Highway Chase, we met a guy who deals with participation in street racing. He's a professional, and it makes a lot of money to life. In an environment of professional riders distributed a variety of disputes for large sums of money. And that's how our hero is a bet that he could travel the entire city at high speed and not be detained by the police. We are with you will help him in this. The first thing to remember is that we need to quickly accelerate your car at top speed. On the screen we will see the gas pedal, pressing on which we will disperse the car. On the road, drivers will go simple in their cars, we need to make a variety of maneuvers to overtake them and do not in any way encounter. After all, if it happens that your car has been damaged, and the mission will be failed. Once you exceed the speed you start to chase the police car. That's where the real race begins, that will show you a first-class driver. After all, if you are arrested then you lose the dispute. Highway Chase game takes you into the atmosphere of street racing with the prosecution. Play it, you can either alone or passed the minimum registration drive with the other players. Then, your progress will be visible to other players. So open the Highway Chase on our website and simply chased in his car on the roads of the city.

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