Game Princess Vintage Shop online

Game Princess Vintage Shop

Game Princess Vintage Shop online.

Golden-haired Rapunzel is going for a walk. She went to a vintage clothing store, where she wants to find a new image. On the hangers you will see more than one dress, and below them a few pairs of shoes. In addition, the game Princess Vintage Shop has several accessories that the princess wants to try on a girl. She is sure that you can choose shoes and a handbag for each dress. But not all accessories will look the same together. Try to combine several elements in one image to get the luxurious appearance of Rapunzel. The princess always goes out into the street only in a chic way and will be happy if you try. Play in the vintage store of the princess will be interesting to any fashionista, because such chic outfits are still worth looking for, and on your mobile phone they are freely available.

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