Game Bowman online

Game Bowman

Game Bowman online.

In ancient times, in the armies, there was a special kind of troops that conducted military operations at a distance. These soldiers were called archers and they were real professionals in their field. They could hit the target with several hundred metro while remaining themselves intact. Very often between archers of different armies there were spontaneous dueling, which ended only with the death of one of them. Today in the game Bowman we will take part in one of these duels. Our hero will stand in front of his opponent. You will take turns to shoot bows. You need to calculate the very trajectory of the arrow that would hit your opponent. Clicking on the hero you will see how he pulls the bow. Expose the trajectory of the arrow and shoot. If you aim correctly, you will fall into the opponent, if not, then you will miss and he will shoot back. The one who will be alive at the end of the round will win. Also, consider that you can play Bowman not only against the computer, but against another player. This will add to you the spirit of the competition and you will be able to find out which of you is the more accurate shooter. The Bowman game is quite interesting, with a well thought out plot and well-drawn graphics. Having opened Bowman on our site you are really interesting and cool to spend your time playing it.

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