Game Nickelodeon Boat-O-Cross 3 online

Game Nickelodeon Boat-O-Cross 3

Game Nickelodeon Boat-O-Cross 3 online.

Sponge Bob became an active participant in various racing competitions. The hero does not have enough extreme in his native Bikini Bottom and he often communicates with characters from other cartoons: Turtles Ninja, Lincoln from a big noisy house. Together they organize different competitions, including, and races. Today in the game Nickelodeon Boat-O-Cross 3 you will help the hero to win. To participate, Bob built an unusual vehicle - a sailboat on wheels. You can choose for the rider any of the four locations, they are offered by the friends of the Sponge. In each place, you need to drive four runs, without overturning and collecting gold tools.

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