Game Lego Cars 2: Lego Grand Prix online

Game Lego Cars 2: Lego Grand Prix

Game Lego Cars 2: Lego Grand Prix online.

In the game Lego Cars 2: Lego Grand Prix, we will transfer with you to the Lego world where cars live. Today they have a major event. They decided to race and you need to help your character win in them. Before you will be seen the road that goes through the desert terrain. The race begins with a certain starting point and you will need to drive for a certain time along the route and come to the finish line first. At the signal, your car rushes forward gradually gaining speed. On the way you are waiting for a lot of sharp turns, in which you will have to enter at a speed and keep the car from leaving the road. In this case, if you meet the items you will have to collect them.

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