Game Gum Adventures DX online

Game Gum Adventures DX

Game Gum Adventures DX online.

Retro-style toys do not lose their relevance, there are those who love to play them and appreciate the classics. Gum Adventures DX is a classic platformer in which you'll help a round piece of chewing gum meet his sweetheart, or vice versa. In general, your job is to secure the date for the couple. The creature you will be moving is sticky, but not so sticky that it will not come off the surface. Stickiness allows the hero to move on both the floor and the ceiling with equal ease. With this unique ability, the character can simply bypass the obstacle in the form of sharp spikes, sticking to the ceiling or returning to the floor again. Sometimes the girl will move, and the boy will remain in place, but in any case, you must ensure that they meet and a heart appears above them.

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