Game Cinema Lovers : Hidden kiss online

Game Cinema Lovers : Hidden kiss

Game Cinema Lovers : Hidden kiss online.

Brad and Martha - young people who have quite a long time there. Like all couples, they like to spend their time in a different romantic setting. Of course, they kiss. But it is not openly accepted in society to express their emotions in public, and if they are caught they can pay a serious penalty. Today, the game Cinema Lovers: Hidden kiss our heroes decide to go to the movies, because there in a dark room you can hugging and kissing for fun. Let's help our heroes in this screen by clicking the mouse and hold it, we'll give them the opportunity to kiss each other. But not all so simple. Gum need to closely monitor the operator, the cinema visitors and the guard, which periodically makes bypassing entrusted to him by the audience. If one of them would notice that our heroes will fall and they will have to explain to the police. So be extremely careful and count your steps correctly. To pass the level you need to fill the scale of which is located to the right of our heroes. Buhf Cinema Lovers: Hidden kiss is designed primarily for girls. After all, they clearly experience and express their emotions. We are confident that opening the Cinema Lovers: Hidden kiss on our website you have fun and have a wonderful time playing in it.

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