Game Angry Gran Run Xmas Village online

Game Angry Gran Run Xmas Village

Game Angry Gran Run Xmas Village online.

On the eve of Christmas night in the village there was a deafening roar - an evil grandmother rushed into the street from the cabin to the game Angry Gran Run Xmas Village. The day before New Year's holidays grandmother discovered that has not prepared gifts and wallet empty as evil. Despite its age, Grandma still in force and is ready to make a Christmas marathon village to replenish public reserves, and it will help you by controlling the movements of the heroine. Grandma has a top speed of a jet engine and would not be able to react to emerging obstacles on the road and they are many and varied: barriers, trucks with goods, the huge boulders flying saucers with green aliens mountain of gifts. Collect coins, flinging a group of Santa Clauses, jump or squeeze past at obstacles. Get ready for a tough race in the game Angry Gran Run Xmas Village, not just the young hero is able to run so, as our granny reactive. To complete a level, you need to run a certain distance and not give grandma injury. Games involving an evil grandmother always enjoyed success, they are funny, require skill and dexterity. An important condition for the popularity is the very image of her grandmother - it's unexpected, unusual and funny. Granny html5 migrated to the platform and the game has become more affordable for those who like to use their mobile devices. Play Angry Gran Run Xmas Village and have fun.

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